Application Advantage
Prepare your organisation for digital business with the next-generation application management. 

Application Advantage is VS’s framework for integrated application management, ensuring your successful digital transformation.

Infrastructure & operations
The right infrastructure provides room for innovation, efficiency and adaptability. We have delivered this for more than 50 years, and we are still developing. We have world-class data centres in Norway, and we know when the cloud creates value. Some say, Wifi is more important than water. Maybe not, but without the IT infrastructure, enterprises and society very quickly come to a standstill. Whether you want IT as a service, or access to top-notch consultants, we would like to discuss it with you.

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Today’s digital knowledge workers must have access to tools, data and communication anytime and anywhere on the platforms of their choice. They are digital natives who live in a continuous information surplus, in a world in which change happens extremely quickly. In such a reality, they need the tools to share knowledge and interact freely, anytime and anywhere, and in constantly changing constellations.

The digital workplace is no longer a “workplace” but a “workspace”: a virtual room in which people, technology, data and organisation come together. Workspace from VS is precisely this.

Workspace from VS permits your employees to work and interact anytime and anywhere on the devices they prefer, balanced against the business’ IT policy and security requirements, cost effectiveness and control.

The concept contains all services with an underlying infrastructure necessary to deliver a complete end-user environment. An agreement can vary from individual basic modules to complete delivery of a digital workplace. Deliveries can take place as a cloud service, a customer-dedicated solution or, typically, a mix of both.

BI & Analytics: Does your business extract the true value from its data?
Growing data volumes are a resource that many businesses wish to utilise for innovation, increased competitiveness and higher productivity. Through its nationwide organisation, VS is close to its customers and, in many cases, already has access to the data through existing operating agreements. This provides a good basis for effective data flow and analysis.

Self-service business intelligence (BI) paves the way for many companies to extract their own analyses. Big data and the Internet of Things are other areas that will help transform the sector and provide new opportunities. Sensors and smart systems generate enormous amounts of information that we can now collate and analyse. We also have the option to analyse data in real time and make quicker and better decisions than before. New solutions also make it possible to predict the future based on what we already know.


Digital Services: Helping customers thrive on digital disruption
As one of the leading digital knowledge companies in the Nordics, VS helps enterprises meet today’s digital challenges. Possessing the insight, expertise and concepts needed, VS assists our customers in completing their digital change journeys and ensures that their transformation provides them with the greatest possible value.

We call this strategy Creating Digital Advantage for Tomorrow’s Leaders. The VS Digital Services offering comprises consulting services and solutions that help our clients complete their digital transformation journey within a broad range of competencies. Below are the main service categories: